Thursday, May 31, 2012


I've been doing some clearing up in my studio.  Autumn cleaning rather than spring cleaning - but at least I'm getting it done!  Its actually been a really lovely experience going through old art work.  The pieces bring back so many memories, and they also remind me of ideas that have never been realised.  
I've been really inspired too.  I found some lovely old monoprints based on photographs that I bought at an antique store.  You can read a bit more about them here

Some of the other pieces I found were some delicate pencil drawings and a few etchings of landscapes.  They are spotted and stained, but they are really precious too me - they capture something in embryonic form that I have not yet fully explored.  These were done 20 years ago, when I used to go camping every easter.  It's amazing how the seeds were planted all the way back then, for the ideas I am now working towards in my landscapes.

 I was so inspired that I got out the ink and roller, and did some monoprints on the spot!  I'm particularly interested in using this medium as a way of loosening myself up with landscape.  So, I'm now waiting for the ink to dry on my monoprints, wondering why I did them in oil-based ink, and itching to get in and colour them up.  Who knows where they'll take me.  

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  1. Those landscape drawings are delightful. I would love to watch your process in creating mono prints - a visit in needed!!!