Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

This time last year, I was living at Ronald McDonald House in Parkville in Melbourne, separated from 4 of my kids, and visiting the youngest in the ICU at Royal Childrens Hospital.  It was during the most difficult few months of my life.  I missed my family terribly.  It was like being in a tunnel - not looking to the left or the right, not enjoying the scenery, but just getting through it one day at a time.  All the days meld into one in my memory, except for those where something remarkable happened.  I have to say that at that time, something remarkable usually meant bad news! 
But I do remember Mother's Day last year.  I arrived at the hospital and A was in room 5 of the old ICU (apparently the new building is very plush - not sure I want to check it out for a while though!).  When I arrived there was a big bag of donated Mother's Day goodies, and a card which the nurses on night shift had made.  The card was so special - it had A's footprint stamped onto it! I treasure it.  It was such a normal baby thing to do - something I had done with all my other babies, and not with A.  Sometimes, the smallest things can mean so much to someone.  During those months, the valleys were very low, but for the valleys to be low, the peaks must be high!  Or maybe they just seem high!  Maybe I just appreciate the  little things far more.  I hope so.  

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