Monday, July 23, 2012

Front Page Action

On Saturday, after a very bad night with the baby (don't ask) I woke to find a message on my phone from my good friend Maria from Obliss Jewellery to say that a treasury list she made on Etsy, was on the "Front Page".  Even better, my work was in it!  Getting on FP as its called, is quite a big deal.  Etsy is a world-wide site with millions of viewers.  I don't know the stats, but they are pretty amazing.  All you have to do is look at my usual etsy shop statistics, and compare them to the few hours when my item was on the front page, and it is very obvious that there are alot of people out there, browsing the site.  My shop stats graph looks like ... well ... imagine Mt Everest was plonked in the middle of a great flat desert!  It's quite a spectacular spike!!!  All very exciting.  In, fact it's happened twice in the last two weeks.  

After all the excitement has died down, I realise that apart from the impressive stats page, I haven't really gained anything to speak of.  Maybe some exposure, but no extra sales yet.  Still,  its quite a nice thing to happen, and I really appreciate Maria for her lovely treasury making.  Make sure you check out her beautiful handmade silver jewellery at Obliss.  Thanks too, to Kellie from dahlies for the other lovely treasury list.  It's worth a look, if you've never visited the Etsy website.  You could start by following any of the links I've added to this post or go to and do some exploring.

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