Saturday, October 20, 2012

Did Someone say CHRISTMAS?

It's just not right how fast the year flies by.  But here we are near the end of October and I have had to face the fact the Christmas is just 65 days (!!!!!) away.  Having 5 children means that Christmas is a fairly big deal in our house.  There used to be much nagging about the putting up of the Christmas tree until I made a rule (not quite sure what the basis of it was) that the tree-up date was to be no earlier than October 31st.  I know some consider it bad luck to put up the tree before December.  Obviously we don't subscribe to that idea!  I justify our position by telling people that we do take the tree down before New Years.  So the Christmas season starts very soon in our house.  10 days till tree-up.  

Being a maker and seller of cards has also brought Christmas much closer than it would otherwise have seemed.   Last year, I began printing little red robins to use as personal cards for family and friends.  They were something simple but creative that I could do when looking after the baby was at its most intensive.  It gave me a project to focus on and provided a good deal of mental health!  It also was the catalyst for starting an online shop.  January 2nd saw the opening of trees4thewood and since then, lino printing and card making have become a regular part of my life.  

The challenge this year was to create another card for Christmas that I would be happy to send to family and friends.  I am not a fan of mass produced, cheap cards.  I really don't see the point.  Being a visual person, I can't understand why you would put a picture on something to decorate it, that wasn't even nice to look at.  No offense to anyone who loves card writing!  Its not the sentiments that bother me - its that the cards should match the sentiment.  

Living on a flower farm, we often mark the seasons by the flowers that are available, and the lead up to Christmas is marked for me by the flowering of Waratah and Pincushion (or Leucaspermum) flowers.  The Tasmanian Waratah is a later flowering one, and near to my heart because its native to the state.  Also, being bright and cheery in the traditional Christmas colours, it was the obvious choice for this years card.  

The Tasmanian Waratah have a lovely structure with bent styles, that I found translated well into a design for a lino print.  

The cards are available singly or in packs of 5 (which gives a great discount).  If you're interested, click on this link and it will take you to the Christmas section of trees4thewood.  Sending a handmade card means so much more, I think, than sending a mass produced one.  And if you start early, you won't get caught in the rush!

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