Friday, October 19, 2012


I haven't posted for so long, I was considering scrapping the blog altogether, but after getting over my tantrum about how I don't have enough time I realised that I do like blogging and I'm going to keep at it! And there is so much to blog about! Lots has been happening.  Winter has come and gone and here we are in spring!  Such a beautiful season in Tasmania, with blossom, birds, lush grass, some of my favourite seasonal flowers at the flower farm, and the smell of summer in the air! 

One of the most exciting things that happened, just as spring sprang, was that I received a letter from the Devonport Regional Gallery saying that my tidal.12 entry has been selected for the finalists exhibition!  I was over the moon!  Tidal.12 is a prize run biannually with Australia-wide entries of work related to the tidal or "water-meets-land" areas of our environment.  I'm looking forward to the exhibition, and to seeing the other work to be exhibited.  Here is the piece that is going to Devonport ...

It's titled "Sight Seeing 14 - Marion Bay".  Its based on strong visual memories I have of childhood trips to the beach.  Marion Bay is a beautiful beach in southern Tasmania, not far from where I live. I've been working on the Sight Seeing series for about 3 or 4 years now, ever since I moved to rural Tasmania.  It's been a journey of learning to really "see" the landscape.  It's amazing how little you really see a place when you just go "sight seeing".  The landscape reveals itself and its personality over time, as the seasons come and go and the effects of weather and human activity impact upon it.  I have come to appreciate how much our high-speed, instant modern life-styles are at odds with the natural world. Being a flower farmer has given me insight into this too, with plants responding to time and seasons, not marketplace demands.  So the Sight Seeing series has been a way of exploring this - and of learning to really see the landscape I live in.  
Marion Bay was also the first beach I took my baby too, after she came out of hospital.  When she was born, in March 2011, she was taken straight to the Intensive Care ward at Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne.  She spent the first 4 months of her life there - she never even saw the sky.  It worried me that she could live, and possibly die, never having even seen the sky, the grass, a tree!  Flowers were not even allowed in the ICU.  (I did smuggle a few small ones in, every now and again !  I am a flower farmer, after all!  Shhhh!) Taking her to the beach for the first time was a memory that I really cherish.  

So there we have it!  I'm looking forward to December, when the show opens.  I'm sure you'll hear all about it then!

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