Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mess on My Desk

 In the last few weeks, my desk has been more untidy than usual.  I have been stocking up on collage blocks in preparation for the gift giving season.  

I have a large collection of vintage ephemera including 1950s women's magazines, old wallpaper samples, great old children's encylopedias and other bits and pieces that have come my way in the last 20 years (makes me sound old!!)  I'm planning on doing a local annual fair in a month or two and thought that having a good selection of these cheerful bird blocks might be nice.  There were visions of lots of colourful blocks making my stall look bright and appealing.  But having listed them in my etsy shop as they came off the desk, they have all been snapped up and sold.  

 I have been selling collages for almost as long as I have been collecting - I guess that the two activities go together!  

This is one of my very early collage pieces made during art college - I incorporated lino prints even back then.

I sold so many collages like this one over the years - I never even took photos of them. I sometimes wonder where they are, and if they are still hanging on peoples walls.

Squares became a big part of collaging for me when I was working at Griffith University at the Gold Coast in Australia's sunny Queensland.  A student found a box of glass microscope slides at the tip, and brought them in for me.  I fell in love with them, and so began a love affair with squares.

I have had two solo exhibitions devoted entirely to collage, based on squares.  To have a peek at what I did, you can see them on my website and click here. Some of the pieces from my first collage exhibition, called Frocks and Fables, have been made into finest quality giclee prints which are so good, people often think they are the real thing.  I have them for sale in the etsy shop if you are interested.  

So even though my desk has been messy, I guess its something I'm used to.  I have had to find ways of combining creativity and chaos over the years, with thousands of squares of colour and text coming off the desk and into artwork, without driving me or my family crazy!