Thursday, January 31, 2013

Happy 2013

I had great intentions of starting this year by making plans and calendars to give myself the best chance of achieving goals, but things didn't work out that way.  Early January saw the temperatures rise to record levels, and a bushfire disaster that kept me stranded away from home for almost a week.  That beautiful post-christmas lull was stolen, and I felt a little cheated that I wasn't able to get all organised as I would have liked.  I don't know why I keep trying to live up to this illusion that I am an organised person ...  I'm not really.  But I do know that making plans helps make dreams happen. In the light of the loss that many have experienced over this bushfire disaster,  the loss of time seems insignificant.  And I've been telling myself that the new year is just a day, and planning your future can begin any time!  
Time spent forcibly away from home in that situation really makes you appreciate what you have, especially when others have lost so much.  When we got home, I was ready to really enjoy our home and make the most of what we have.  I cleaned up the studio after the Christmas rush (boy - I was unprepared for the deluge of trees4thewood orders that I received in November and December!) and got the paints out.  I have determined that this year will be the year for finishing and exhibiting my current series of paintings. I'm not sure of the where or when, but I can get the work ready in any case, so that will be my focus in the next few months.

One of the other casualties of the fire was a trip we had planned to the north of the state to spend a few days pretending to have a holiday (with 5 kids, a holiday is more of an extended fun activity for the children that the parents merely fascilitate) and catching my painting in the Devonport Tidal 2012 show before it ends.  Determined not to miss it altogether we had a quick overnight roadtrip to Devonport and back this week.  It was worth doing even if we had to downsize the event, and we had a great time exploring along the way. To check out the catalogue for the show follow this link.

Well, school returns soon and things might get a little quieter around here.  Eventually, I will buy a new calendar and stop using scraps of paper to write my appointments on!  I hope 2013 brings you creativity and quiet moments to enjoy what's important in life.