Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Prints!

We've been having such dry weather here in Tasmania.  I'm looking forward to some autumn rain.  But the dry weather has been great for speed drying lino prints!  They usually take around 5 to 7 days, but these only took 2 days and I was happy as a pig in mud, puddling around in my watercolour palette trying out colour for these new scenes. 

I love the moody overcast skies.  

This print is based on photos of the original old farm house on our property.   It is now on my neighbours property, looking spectacularly decayed in the middle of her peony farm paddock.  Picturesque!  Home to a family of possums and rats, lots of old stored things including the full skeletal remains of huge sea snake! If you want some pictures, check out this post from last year.  There is something magical about old uninhabited buildings - history oozing from every board.

This print is special, because it reminds me of the bushfires we had throughout southern Tasmania this summer.  It is based on an instagram photo I took while visiting my friend's farm in the Huon Valley,  south of Hobart.  The Huon Valley is a beautiful area, famous of apples and the Huon Pine, a celebrated hardwood timber.  The photo this print is based on was taken during the time we were unable to return home due to the bushfire emergency.  The atmosphere was tinged with smoke, creating beautiful muted tones, and I'm always a softie when it comes to hay bales!

The next print shows a scene on the road to Shelly Beach, a small "undiscovered" beach near our home  on the Tasman Peninsula.  The old vertical board shed could have been an original farm house, but its now seen better days.  Its surrounded by fields of summer hay, ready to be cut.  The long shadows are cast by the late sun.  We had spent the evening at the beach for fish and chips, and this shot was taken on the way home.  I love daylight savings!

So that's what I've been up to for the last couple of weeks.  I'd love to keep going and get more prints made, but I know the way things work around here.  I'm not holding my breath.  Its nice to finalise these though.  They are all available in the shop if you want a closer look.

Monday, February 18, 2013

New Prints on the Way

I've been working on some new prints in the last two weeks.  It's a process that stops and starts a bit, and fits in with all the other activities that are going on in the house.  It can be a really exciting process, designing and then cutting the lino and the anticipation can be quite intense.  What will it look like when its printed??? Unfortunately I haven't had time and space to get stuck into the printing, so I'm a bit frustrated at the moment!  I think they are going to be great little prints, but you can never be sure until they are done.  
The design above is based on an instagram photo of a dirt road near where I live on the Tasman Peninsula in south eastern Tasmania.  It begins up a hill and winds its way down to the waterfront overlooking Norfolk Bay.  The views are lovely, whatever the weather.  The original photo was taken on a overcast day, so I'm hoping to play around with some moody sky colourings.  I guess I'll have to be patient!