Friday, May 24, 2013


Life is too busy sometimes.  Now is one of those times!  I'm busy getting ready for this ...

I'm starting to get quite excited about my first exhibition in Tasmania.  I've been printing up a storm (so much so that I've had to take pain killers - 5 hours straight, hand pulling lino prints is not good for your arms, it turns out!)  But I'm happy with the work that's emerged and I'm looking forward to seeing it all together, framed and looking its best.  There is a sense of satisfaction that comes from assembling an exhibition - nearly there!

Last week was a big week too.  After the busyness of Mother's Day (always a big one when you have a flower farm!) we woke on Monday morning to find the little one unconscious.  Very stressful - trip in the ambulance - time in hospital.  She's back to normal (for her!!) and we are almost back to normal.  It certainly wasn't a nice way to start the week.  The Tuesday of that week was the deadline for getting my painting in to the Tasmanian Regional Arts annual Material Girl exhibition and award.   I had been told I was a finalist the Friday before.  The plan was to take it in on Tuesday, but I was in hospital with the baby.  I was prepared to ring and explain that it wouldn't be arriving, but my lovely husband made a huge effort and delivered it for me - with about 10 minutes to spare!! That was the last I thought of it.  Opening night was Friday, and I didn't go - still getting over the huge hospital event!  On Saturday I received a phone call to say that I'd won the Premiers Choice Award! So very exciting!! Thanks so much to my family - especially my husband, for making it actually happen!

You can see the other winners here.

And now, back to the work of getting this exhibition ready.  Here are a few snapshots of the work as it is emerging ...

I'll be sure to share some pics of the finished product!