Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Summer has been busy here in southern Tasmania.  With 5 kids at home and some house guests visiting from interstate, combined with busy times on the flower farm, there hasn't been time for a holiday away from home this year.  But one of the (many) things I love about where I live is the abundance of beaches close to home.  Tasmania has so much water, being an island state.  But the coastline is very folded and intricate, with innumerable inlets, bays and beaches to explore.  There are world class surf beaches as well as quiet coves, beaches with clean white sand, and beaches covered in shells.  Each beach seems to have a personality of its own.

Parkers Beach is a little quiet beach that is close to my home.  Caught between two headlands, at low tide it uncovers beautiful undulating sand bars.  They are separated by shallow strips of water populated by soldier crabs and sea snails.  Our family loves to go there for time out.

The land surrounding Parkers Beach is wooded which makes driving down to the shore a real treat.  Glimpses of aqua and deep blue horizontal strips contrast with darker silhouetted vertical mature gum trees.  This also means that Parkers Beach is one of the best beaches around to find driftwood.  

I recently found these beautiful "driftwood" pinecones.  All the sharp points are removed and smoothed over by the sand and sea.

Gorgeous sculptural objects!

There are always such a huge range of colours and textures to find on the beach.  A feast for the eyes.

The boys spent one afternoon creating an entire civilisation!!

Another beautiful beach with a different personality is Slopen Main Beach, on the western point of the Tasmana Peninsula.  It's a large curved beach with white clean sand, and is rimmed by beautiful grasses and characterful eucalypts.

Its very rare to find anyone else on the beach with you!  

This caravan made me smile - what a great view of the beach they have. So very Australian!

More treasures to be found - there were lots of discussions about what this might be!  I loved the structure of it, and that tiny dash of purple.

More colour and texture in the flotsam and jetsam on the sand.

"Look, mum.  It's a face!"  

My baby girl LOVES the beach.  Her health challenges, and cerebral palsy certainly don't stop her from enjoying life.  The walker has been fantastic for the beach this year, allowing her to explore it with some independence.  I think the look on her face says it all!

After all the fun of exploring beaches this summer, I come up with a use for the lovely driftwood sticks I've been collecting!  I love the way repurposing a stick makes you look at it more closely, appreciating bumps and curves that you might otherwise miss.  

They'll be a lovely memento of summer as the days get shorter and the leaves start to fall.